Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Storm vs. The Thing

Storm unleashes her battle cry to summon The Thing to combat.

Unable to resist, The Thing jumps in the Fantasicar to face Storm.

While keeping his eye on the road...

The Thing is unprepared for Storm's sudden attack.

An epic battle is then fought, one so fierce there has never been it's like.

Wait...what's this?  Storm's costume is malfunctioning.

The Thing, realizing that he and Storm are so closely matched they would likely destroy each other if the battle continued, takes advantage of Storm's distraction and makes his escape.

Storm, realizing what happened, chases after The Thing...but is she too late, will she ever find him?

She's spotted him!

Storm hops in the van as well.

After a long discussion, Storm and The Thing decide to join forces in order to rescue Wolverine (a.k.a. Daniel) from the Dreaded Bus Ride of Doom...

Will they succeed?  Find out next time!








Costume Design (it's a work in progress):



Hair Stylist:

Goodwill (we're working on that one!)

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