Thursday, April 22, 2010


Little Miss Lydia Grace! See, she's waving ;) She's a little camera shy, so this was as close as she'd let us get to seeing her face! Most of the time she looked like this:

She kept her back to us the whole time! Little stinker. She also made it hard to get a good view to see if she was a boy or a hopefully the lady was right, because we are going to be buying lots of cute girly stuff!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

99% of You Can Disregard This Post...

Since we now know that we're having a girl, I went ahead and started getting a registry started. Ok, really I started this a couple of weeks ago...but now I know to pick pink! Now, most of you won't need this, but for those of you who have been waiting (you know who you are!) to find out the gender so you could start shopping, I have compiled a list of things we need =) Don't feel obligated to buy stuff...this list is for me too so I don't forget!

1. Diaper registry. (Password is blahblah) Ok, now at first glance these look pretty pricey, but keep in mind, each diaper brand I've chosen is a "one-size" which means it adjusts to fit any baby from about 8-40 lbs. Most of the diapers we currently have are not one size, so they won't fit the baby for a year or so. I only did a registry on this site because it had most of the brands I wanted, so it's entirely possible there are other sites with better prices. Also, we will need approx. 20-24 diapers, or about 10-12 of the Gro Baby or Flip plus extra liners (the Flip liners are currently out of stock, so I couldn't put them on my list). And feel free to pick any color/pattern you want. Or, if you'd rather, just buy me about 20 yards of cute flannel and some wool yarn or sweaters and I'll make my own stuff ;)

2. Clothing. We have all of MZ's baby stuff, but you can't dress a girl in boy's clothes! We will also gladly take used clothing =) Oh, and she needs BabyLegs for all her cute little dresses!

3. Target registry. There's not a whole lot on here, it's mostly pink blankets and such...not entirely necessary since we have MZ's old stuff, but pink would be fun! I did add a few bottle feeding things, but I'm hoping I won't have to use them! So those may not be something to rush out and buy.

4. Baby Gear. Again...we have MZ's carrier/car seat, stroller, and highchair. These would be fun to have in girly colors, but not worth buying new just for that! So if any of you see a great deal on these items used (thrift store, yard sale and so on) in fun girly colors, please let me know!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


As many of you know, we cloth diapered MZ, so naturally we're planning on cloth diapering our next one. I've been entering every cloth diaper giveaway that I've come across, and now I'm sharing them all with you just in case you'd like to enter (diapers make great baby shower gifts...). Plus posting about the giveaways gets me an extra entry!

I also used a sling carrier with MZ, which is something I plan on doing again, but I would like to try other types of carriers. So here's another giveaway.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Looking Back

As you may have picked up from my last post, I'm getting pretty excited about this baby! Not that I wasn't before, but now that I'm almost to the halfway point, about to find out the gender, and feeling little kicks and punches now and then...I definitely have baby on my mind! Now don't worry, I won't subject you to pictures of baby items again...this time it will be actual babies ;) Well, just one...MZ. I would put up some pictures of K-Lou, but that was back before I had a digital camera so I'd have to scan them all and I don't have a scanner. So, for now it will just be MZ!

Taken July 21, he was born July 16

July 22 sportin' his preemie clothes!

What a good big sister! See that blanket in the background? My grandma made it, Mz got a handmade blanket from each of his great-grandmas and still uses both...I'm hoping they will each be starting another one in a few weeks (hint, hint).

From Before and After...

July 22 small!

From Before and After...

Look at those little legs!

From Before and After...

Sept. he's getting some baby fat!

From Sharing the Spotlight

Sept. of my all time favorite photos!

Ok, I'm done for now =) I'll try to refrain myself now...well, at least for the next two weeks!