Tuesday, November 29, 2011


My name is Lydia, but you can call me Cinderella. You see, every Tuesday, my brother and sister are off having fun all day while I'm stuck at home doing chores. The day starts off with making the bed:

As you can see, it's hard work. Since I'm so short I often have to stop and take a break:

Really, it's tough work.

Of course, I also get my mid-morning milk break. Yes, I'm using two cup...don't you?

Then it's off to put away laundry. These doors require being open and closed multiple times in order to be effective.

Of course, there's also the matter of folding the laundry. Thankfully, I have the assistance of my doggies.

I occasionally have the opportunity to try on my sister's stuff while she's gone! Aren't I pretty?

Then, it's off to clean the kitchen floors.

Oh look! A Cheerio!

And of course my toys and books need to be cleaned.

After all that hard work I need a break!

And, as you can imagine, I'm starving after all that hard work. Sadly, I'm left to picking through the scraps that I can find in the cabinets.

It's a rough life.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a long weekend, so be prepared for a lot of pictures!

We started out the weekend eating leftover fondue...and discovered that potato chips are quite tasty when dipped in chocolate!

We did a little fingernail painting in which I discovered that green fingernail polish under gold "crackle" polish makes my fingers look diseased.

Matthias helped me make buckeyes for Thanksgiving!

And finally, food! Lydia loved getting to eat tons of stuff...as did we all =)

Sadly, Kelsi was sick over the weekend, so she just hung out in the corner and read most of the day. Although she did manage to eat some turkey =)

And of course a little dancing...

They also got to Skype with their cousins!

And of course, the part Matthias was waiting for all day....chocolate pie!

Hanging out a bit once all the food was gone =)

And here's how the kiddos spent Friday:

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Forks, Ramps and Laundry

I may not have instagram on my phone, but I do have Google+. I don't use it, but it has a lovely feature where it automatically uploads any picture or video I take with my phone and stores it online. Which is nice for several reasons. I've found that I rarely use my actual camera anymore for taking pictures, I usually use my phone, so it's nice to have them stored online =) And since they're already uploaded it makes sharing them easier! So, for your viewing enjoyment, I present to you our day (Matthias isn't with us on Tuesdays, so it was just Lydia and I!).

Like many people, our day started out with breakfast. Although I'm sure most people don't use two forks to eat.

Although she eventually gave up on that and just used her hands!

Then we had a nice surprise coffee date with Daddy =)

He was spending the afternoon downtown at the new church campus to get the internet installed, so we went and joined him for some coffee and lunch. Lydia had a blast running up and down the ramp!

She was also super helpful in getting that internet hooked up ;)

All that running eventually got to her though!

Then once we were home, Lydia helped me with her favorite task...pulling all the clothing out of the dryer.

So there you have it, a day in the life of Lydia!

Monday, November 21, 2011

InstaFriday...but not really.

The cool new thing in the blogging world is "InstaFriday" where people post their instagram photos from the past week. And since we all know I am totally on top of this whole blogging thing, I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon. The only problem is I don't have an iPhone (so no instagram), nor is it Friday. But let's just pretend, shall we?

Last Monday was Kelsi's birthday so I took a picture of a picture of her shortly after she was born (yes, I took a picture of a picture...I have since gotten my hands on a scanner and plan to use it soon!)

Yep...we had awesome technology back then.
On Wednesday we went to Red Robin:

Kelsi is all about getting her picture taken these days.

On Thursday Matthias, Lydia and I had some fun playing outside while waiting for Kelsi after school:

On Friday we got to go worship with Seeds Family Worship at church. Kelsi was being her goofy self and wouldn't let me get a good picture!

On Saturday we had family over for some fondue and games! Oddly I didn't get any pictures on my phone of Kelsi (it was, after all, her birthday celebration), but I did get some on my regular camera so I'll get those uploaded someday =)

Stay tuned for next week's edition of InstaFriday....maybe.