Friday, February 27, 2009

Cleaning Matthias

Matthias was oh-so-helpful today and assited me in cleaning the floors (which as you probably see, needed it quite badly).

Sadly the promised family photo excursion did not happen due to snow...yuck!  But we are all looking forward to seeing "The Jungle Book" tomorrow, and hope to get some pics of Kelsi with the cast members again!

Puss Anne Guest GIVEAWAY!!!

Isn't this such a cute outfit?  I've been following this blog for a while, but never

entered any of her contests.  Then today I remembered, I have a blog!  Why not enter?  So, here's my entry!  The contest and all the details about the skirt and shoes can be found here.  Wouldn't Kelsi look great dancing around in this? ;)

Edited to add the the give-away is only for the shoes...which are way cute and can be customized!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I forgot we had a blog!

Ok, maybe not that bad...but pretty close.  Until the blog was mentioned to me today, I had practially forgotten about it.  There's not much to report here.  Just life as usual.  Although, for family night this week, we plan on taking a family outing to go take pictures.  Daniel and I went down the the lake on Valentine's Day and took a bunch of pictures of the scenery and stuff and since we had so much fun (other than when we were fighting over who's turn it was with the camera), we decided that next time we would take the kiddos with us and let Kelsi take some pictures too using her camera.  Hopefully it doesn't rain!  I know Kelsi will want to share her pictures with everyone, so keep an eye out!

Friday, February 6, 2009

My Bookworms

Here is how Kelsi and Matthias spent the afternoon, eating and reading!  Naturally I had to snap a few pictures.  Kelsi was completely oblivious to my taking pictures until I started laughing over the super-close pictures I was taking of her while she was eating.  I was nice enough to not upload most of those...just a couple of the least embarrasing ones ;)  Matthias took the picture taking in stride and assumed I could still see and identify all the pictures in his book from across the room and kept asking "what's that?" every time he turned the page.  Thankfully, I've learned the trick of asking him "what is it?" whenever he askes, so then he promptly answers his own question...which is quite handy when I can't see what he's pointing at.  Anyway, I'll shut are the pictures:

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mommy's Big Helper

Matthias has been such a big helper today ;)  When I was vaccuming, he decided to make sure the cabinets were in order.

Then, he was so nice to help with folding laundry...

He decided it was quite comfy in there, and settled in to watch t.v.

And what was it that he wanted to watch?

Happy trees!  (or "painting" as Matthias called it)

Ok, back to folding clothes now.