Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Baby Wish List

Well, since some of you asked what it is we still need, I figured I'd put everything in one nice blog post for you =) Oddly, I feel kind of weird doing this since I haven't anticipated many people getting gifts for Little Miss LG, but oh well!

Some of these we need, some are just things that would be really nice to have. Some are rather expensive but I figured I'd toss them in the list anyway:
  • Infant car seat. We still have MZ's but it's approaching it's 5 year birthday (they "expire" after 5 years and it's blue lol). There are a few pink ones at Target for less than $100 or we just saw a nice pink one at Big Lots last night for $60. Again, we have one so this is not necessary. I don't think it will cease to be safe just because the government says not to use a car seat that's older than 5 years ;)
  • Wet Bag. These you can get these at Mom4Life and they do free shipping on everything. I'm not picky about the print/pattern. Of course there are other places to get these, but the price doesn't really vary.
  • Changing pad. I don't see the need in having a changing table, so I'm just going to use the top of a dresser with something like this on top.
  • Baby bath products. Things like soap/shampoo and lotions. No diaper rash cream though! All but a few brands will ruin cloth diapers. We are a bit on the picky side about such things though, since we only use natural/chemical free stuff, so I feel bad even mentioning these! Anyway, a good brand that is readily available and not too expensive is Burt's Bees.
  • Diaper sprayer. Available at both Mother's Haven and Mom4Life. Again, these are available at other stores but the price doesn't vary.
  • Thick blankets. I've gotten some thinner blankets that I plan on using for swaddling, but she'll need some warmer/larger blankets for winter =) Preferably ones that are not fleece...fleece blankets get all yucky looking after a few washes!
  • Socks and shoes. We don't have any socks or shoes yet, so some of these would be handy. Maybe some tights and baby leg warmers too =)
That's really all that I can think of right now (I might add more later if I think of anything), I'll put a link to this post in the sidebar for your convenience =)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Catchin' Up

It's been quite a while since I've posted about anything other than thrift store purchases, so here's my catchin' up post:
The kiddos have been enjoying the summer and playing in the pool.

As you can see, MZ has updated his summer look. Remember the blue thing?

Yep, he was stylin'.

As for the baby, she's still healthy and huge. At our 20 week ultrasound she measured in the 53rd percentile which according to the doc that extra 3% is quite a bit! It's hard to gauge how big she'll be though, K-lou was 9 lbs and MZ was 6.4! So I don't even have that to go off of =) Right now though I only have 9 weeks left, so I guess it mostly depends on how much fat she puts on before then.
We have almost everything we need for the baby, and I was thinking earlier today how blessed we've been in that regard! Here's how:

Items given to us:
  • Baby clothes
  • Almost new bassinet
  • Play yard (we will be using instead of a crib)
  • 11 one size diapers (won)
  • 24 flatfold diapers
Items purchased at thrift stores (most items were purchased for less than $1, usually for about $.25):
  • Lots of clothes
  • Crib and bassinet sheets
  • Blankets
  • Baby washcloths (to use as cloth wipes)
Items we already had:
  • Carseat
  • Stroller
  • Baby bath
  • Toys and such
In many ways it seems as though we have everything we need, but there are still a few things we need or would be nice to have!

So there you have it, a blog post that is something other than thrift store finds. However, I'm tempted to post a picture of all the stuff we got today ;)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Let the Countdown Begin!

Little Miss LG will be arriving shortly after 7:15 am on August 31st! According to the little widget in my sidebar, that's only 72 days away! I am officially going into panic mode. I've begun making lists of everything that we have...and everything that we still need. Bet you can't guess which list is longer ;) My husband just doesn't understand why I need to get all the random boxes of stuff out of what will soon be the baby's room and why I need to get it all set up. There's only 10 weeks left! Sheesh. So much to do, so little time to do it...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's That Time Again...

Since I know how much you all love seeing bad photos of the baby clothes I get from thrift stores, I figured I'd show you some more ;) But first, remember when I said I won something but had no idea what it was? Well it came in the mail a while ago:

What you see is a wetbag (waterproof bag used for storing dirty diapers), a bunch of cloth wipes, some cloth wipe solution (dissolve it in water and either soak the wipes in it or spray it on the wipes) and a newborn diaper with 2 inserts. I was pretty excited to get all this in the mail!

Ok, on to the baby clothes, more onesies:

This one I had to buy because it makes me laugh:

Some pants and skirts:

More PJs:

A couple of long sleeve shirts just in case it's really cold:

Some little dresses:

And a couple more:

The best part is, most of these were only $.25! We are definitely going to have one frugal fashionista!

We are getting fairly well stocked on clothes and diapers, so we're pretty closes to having all we need. There are of course plenty of things we don't need, but I'd love to get anyway! Things like girly blankets/swaddling blankets, crib sheets and towels and such. We have all that stuff from when MZ was a baby...but it's all blue! And I'm also on the lookout for a carseat and stroller for really cheap that has a girly print. Although I'm also debating making my own. We'll see.