Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Family Fun Day

Friday is the only day of the week that we are all home for the whole it's our family fun day. Usually we start things off with a big breakfast and then spend the day playing games. This week we decided to go for a walk while the weather was ok.

Here's Miss Boo all dressed up in her jogging outfit ready to go. She was a bit mesmerized by the flash!

And the girls all bundled up and ready to go

Of course Matthias had to get in on it too!

I think the kids loved getting outside and running after being all cooped up in our apartment this winter!

Lydia really didn't like being forced to keep her arms under her blanket though

Matthias fell and got dirty...

...he really doesn't like being dirty!

Then Kelsi jumped in front of the camera.

Doesn't she look sweet? Of course you might not recognize her without her glasses (she thinks nobody can!)

This one totally shows her personality though!

Then we stopped at the park and Lydia did some swinging

And she looks so happy about it!

"Oh, wait! There's my favorite big sister!"

"Yep, still there!"

Meanwhile, Matthias was trying to hide from my camera!

Didn't work!

Lydia got a little cold, so she got to cuddle with Daddy =)

It started getting a little chilly on the way home, so we warmed up with some hot chocolate!

Sadly the camera lens got foggy when we got inside.

The kiddos had fun and are looking forward to summer since we live so close to a pool and a park with volleyball, basketball and tennis, not to mention the great trail to walk on!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Wonder...

If Lydia will ever learn that:
  • I am not, in fact, attempting to drown her when I give her a bath.
  • That she cannot roll over while I am washing her hair.
  • That I am not going to let her starve.
  • That she can't roll over while she's eating.
  • That she can't blow "raspberries" while she's eating.
  • That she can't talk while she's eating.
  • That she can't hold her bottle with her feet.
  • That she can't eat my shirt.
  • That she can't eat my hair.
  • That she can't eat Kelsi's hair.
  • That she can't eat the laundry that Mom leaves on the living room floor.
  • That her toys are much more fun then the cord to Mom's laptop.
  • That Kelsi's glasses are not her toy.
  • That Mom's Kindle is not her toy.
  • That Mom's iPod is not her toy.
  • That Mom's phone is not her toy.
  • That all she has to do is look at Daddy and whimper and he'll come pick her up. Oh wait...she already knows that!
The newborn phase is long gone, and she's growing so quickly! She's always wanting to be moving and playing and talking. It's a lot of fun to watch her learn and grow, but once she really starts crawling she's going to be eating everything!

And just because they are cute:

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kelsi VS. The Pancake

Kelsi has been learning to cook lately. Friday morning we usually make pancakes as part of our "Friday Family Fun Day" breakfast, so this week Kelsi helped me out.

She did really good, but sadly there was a little mishap:

During the little flipping fiasco, Kelsi burned her finger.

I tried to tell her that it was like a battle scar, a right of passage so to speak. I don't think she was comforted. But look how great her pancakes turned out!

And now for the victorious bite:

And of course one of Matthias too ;)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

So You Think You Can Read?

Matthias thinks he can read. In his defense, he does recognize a lot of words so there are quite a few things that he can "read". Sometimes though he's way off. For example:

Daniel receives a text message. Matthias looks at his phone and asks, "Why does it say 'dork time'?" The words in fact said Derek T (well, it had his full last name, but we gotta protect the innocent).

Daniel is reading the Bible for our morning Bible time.
Matthias: Why are you reading the Bible?
Daniel: Because it's God's word
Matthias: Did Brian Jaques write it? (remember Brian?)
Daniel: No, God wrote it.
Matthias: Why does that say "ants"?
Daniel: Uh, it says "Acts"

Sometimes I wonder if other parents laugh at their children as much as we do...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Conversations with MZ: A Holy Mystery

Here are a few conversations from our family Bible time last night:

Daniel: Who wants to read?
MZ: I do! ...opens up his Bible to a random page... Brian Jaques understands what David did.

Later on, Daniel is referring to a verse in Ephesians that talks about a "mystery".

MZ: You mean the Father, the Son and the Holy Mystery?

Kelsi and I lost it at that point. Poor Daniel had a hard time getting us back on track ;)

*Wondering who Brian Jaques is? He is an author of a series of books for older children. The first book in the series has a main character names Matthias the Mouse. We've started reading it together as a family.

Monday, January 3, 2011

4 Months!

Little Miss Lydia is 4 months old!

Isn't she super adorable?

I had a hard time getting her to cooperate for her little photo shoot, but I managed to get a couple of pictures of her smiling. Then of course there's this one:

At least she's still cute =)