Thursday, January 13, 2011

Conversations with MZ: A Holy Mystery

Here are a few conversations from our family Bible time last night:

Daniel: Who wants to read?
MZ: I do! ...opens up his Bible to a random page... Brian Jaques understands what David did.

Later on, Daniel is referring to a verse in Ephesians that talks about a "mystery".

MZ: You mean the Father, the Son and the Holy Mystery?

Kelsi and I lost it at that point. Poor Daniel had a hard time getting us back on track ;)

*Wondering who Brian Jaques is? He is an author of a series of books for older children. The first book in the series has a main character names Matthias the Mouse. We've started reading it together as a family.


Melissa said...

cute stuff! said...

Well, the trinity has always been something of a mystery!! Love that you are writing some of these down so you have a record!