Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Family Fun Day

Friday is the only day of the week that we are all home for the whole it's our family fun day. Usually we start things off with a big breakfast and then spend the day playing games. This week we decided to go for a walk while the weather was ok.

Here's Miss Boo all dressed up in her jogging outfit ready to go. She was a bit mesmerized by the flash!

And the girls all bundled up and ready to go

Of course Matthias had to get in on it too!

I think the kids loved getting outside and running after being all cooped up in our apartment this winter!

Lydia really didn't like being forced to keep her arms under her blanket though

Matthias fell and got dirty...

...he really doesn't like being dirty!

Then Kelsi jumped in front of the camera.

Doesn't she look sweet? Of course you might not recognize her without her glasses (she thinks nobody can!)

This one totally shows her personality though!

Then we stopped at the park and Lydia did some swinging

And she looks so happy about it!

"Oh, wait! There's my favorite big sister!"

"Yep, still there!"

Meanwhile, Matthias was trying to hide from my camera!

Didn't work!

Lydia got a little cold, so she got to cuddle with Daddy =)

It started getting a little chilly on the way home, so we warmed up with some hot chocolate!

Sadly the camera lens got foggy when we got inside.

The kiddos had fun and are looking forward to summer since we live so close to a pool and a park with volleyball, basketball and tennis, not to mention the great trail to walk on!


Taylor said...

I am loving the warm-ish weather lately! It looks like a fun day! Your baby is too cute, as are all your kids. :) said...

What a simply wonderful day!! You are building memories and relationships that will go into eternity - good job Mom and Dad!