Thursday, January 20, 2011

So You Think You Can Read?

Matthias thinks he can read. In his defense, he does recognize a lot of words so there are quite a few things that he can "read". Sometimes though he's way off. For example:

Daniel receives a text message. Matthias looks at his phone and asks, "Why does it say 'dork time'?" The words in fact said Derek T (well, it had his full last name, but we gotta protect the innocent).

Daniel is reading the Bible for our morning Bible time.
Matthias: Why are you reading the Bible?
Daniel: Because it's God's word
Matthias: Did Brian Jaques write it? (remember Brian?)
Daniel: No, God wrote it.
Matthias: Why does that say "ants"?
Daniel: Uh, it says "Acts"

Sometimes I wonder if other parents laugh at their children as much as we do...

3 comments: said...

He may not be a full-fledged reader, but I think he is still miles ahead of most kids.. add to that the killer things he says and I think he has the makings of either a politician or a preacher...

Melissa said...

Dork time is too funny!

Taylor said...

Love it-and he is definitely on the right track!