Friday, February 6, 2009

My Bookworms

Here is how Kelsi and Matthias spent the afternoon, eating and reading!  Naturally I had to snap a few pictures.  Kelsi was completely oblivious to my taking pictures until I started laughing over the super-close pictures I was taking of her while she was eating.  I was nice enough to not upload most of those...just a couple of the least embarrasing ones ;)  Matthias took the picture taking in stride and assumed I could still see and identify all the pictures in his book from across the room and kept asking "what's that?" every time he turned the page.  Thankfully, I've learned the trick of asking him "what is it?" whenever he askes, so then he promptly answers his own question...which is quite handy when I can't see what he's pointing at.  Anyway, I'll shut are the pictures:


Melissa said...

I wish that was how I could spend my afternoon!! What is Kelsi reading? I think I saw those cat books you were telling me about at Borders.

Jessy said...

It was one of the cat books. It's the Warrior series by Erin Hunter. If Caden wants to try one, he's welcome to borrow the first one. Kelsi loves them, she can't put them down! Also, I did some research on them, and they seem to be ok. The only iffy thing was that it addresses respecting other people's (or cats) beliefs, but that's about as in depth as they get into it.'s that for an answer? ;)

Grandma Sharyl said...

Kelsi was telling me all about them last night - they sound interesting! Like something I would of loved reading. Oh - who am I kidding, I love reading anything!