Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mommy's Big Helper

Matthias has been such a big helper today ;)  When I was vaccuming, he decided to make sure the cabinets were in order.

Then, he was so nice to help with folding laundry...

He decided it was quite comfy in there, and settled in to watch t.v.

And what was it that he wanted to watch?

Happy trees!  (or "painting" as Matthias called it)

Ok, back to folding clothes now.


Melissa said...

so, does he just wear shoes all the time?

Jessy said...

Nope, usually he wears his slippers...but one of them is MIA right now, so he had to settle for shoes =) He kinda freaks out if he doesn't have something on his feet lol.

Grandma Sharyl said...

He is quite the creative little guy!