Friday, January 30, 2009

Good-bye Hair!

Matthias finally got a haircut!  He hasn't had his hair cut since October when the clipper attatchement broke mid-hair cut and so he had to go bald.  We still haven't gotten around to getting a replacement, so today I pulled out some scissors and a comb, plopped Matthias down in front of Veggie Tales and went to work.  Shockingly, he stayed pretty still once he stopped trying to figure out what I was doing =)  Here are some pictures, his hair is supposed to be kinda spiked up on top, but I doesn't quite want to do that yet, so we'll probably have to gunk it up for a while.


Melissa said...

oh my goodness!! that is just the cutest thing! it's so amazing how grown-up little boys look after a hair cut.

Grandma Sharyl said...

He looks so adorable! There is even one pic where he looks a little bit like Caden! What a big boy!

Brady said...

Wow, that kid really is cute and definitely needs photos taken!