Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a long weekend, so be prepared for a lot of pictures!

We started out the weekend eating leftover fondue...and discovered that potato chips are quite tasty when dipped in chocolate!

We did a little fingernail painting in which I discovered that green fingernail polish under gold "crackle" polish makes my fingers look diseased.

Matthias helped me make buckeyes for Thanksgiving!

And finally, food! Lydia loved getting to eat tons of did we all =)

Sadly, Kelsi was sick over the weekend, so she just hung out in the corner and read most of the day. Although she did manage to eat some turkey =)

And of course a little dancing...

They also got to Skype with their cousins!

And of course, the part Matthias was waiting for all day....chocolate pie!

Hanging out a bit once all the food was gone =)

And here's how the kiddos spent Friday:

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