Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Forks, Ramps and Laundry

I may not have instagram on my phone, but I do have Google+. I don't use it, but it has a lovely feature where it automatically uploads any picture or video I take with my phone and stores it online. Which is nice for several reasons. I've found that I rarely use my actual camera anymore for taking pictures, I usually use my phone, so it's nice to have them stored online =) And since they're already uploaded it makes sharing them easier! So, for your viewing enjoyment, I present to you our day (Matthias isn't with us on Tuesdays, so it was just Lydia and I!).

Like many people, our day started out with breakfast. Although I'm sure most people don't use two forks to eat.

Although she eventually gave up on that and just used her hands!

Then we had a nice surprise coffee date with Daddy =)

He was spending the afternoon downtown at the new church campus to get the internet installed, so we went and joined him for some coffee and lunch. Lydia had a blast running up and down the ramp!

She was also super helpful in getting that internet hooked up ;)

All that running eventually got to her though!

Then once we were home, Lydia helped me with her favorite task...pulling all the clothing out of the dryer.

So there you have it, a day in the life of Lydia!

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