Wednesday, April 21, 2010

99% of You Can Disregard This Post...

Since we now know that we're having a girl, I went ahead and started getting a registry started. Ok, really I started this a couple of weeks ago...but now I know to pick pink! Now, most of you won't need this, but for those of you who have been waiting (you know who you are!) to find out the gender so you could start shopping, I have compiled a list of things we need =) Don't feel obligated to buy stuff...this list is for me too so I don't forget!

1. Diaper registry. (Password is blahblah) Ok, now at first glance these look pretty pricey, but keep in mind, each diaper brand I've chosen is a "one-size" which means it adjusts to fit any baby from about 8-40 lbs. Most of the diapers we currently have are not one size, so they won't fit the baby for a year or so. I only did a registry on this site because it had most of the brands I wanted, so it's entirely possible there are other sites with better prices. Also, we will need approx. 20-24 diapers, or about 10-12 of the Gro Baby or Flip plus extra liners (the Flip liners are currently out of stock, so I couldn't put them on my list). And feel free to pick any color/pattern you want. Or, if you'd rather, just buy me about 20 yards of cute flannel and some wool yarn or sweaters and I'll make my own stuff ;)

2. Clothing. We have all of MZ's baby stuff, but you can't dress a girl in boy's clothes! We will also gladly take used clothing =) Oh, and she needs BabyLegs for all her cute little dresses!

3. Target registry. There's not a whole lot on here, it's mostly pink blankets and such...not entirely necessary since we have MZ's old stuff, but pink would be fun! I did add a few bottle feeding things, but I'm hoping I won't have to use them! So those may not be something to rush out and buy.

4. Baby Gear. Again...we have MZ's carrier/car seat, stroller, and highchair. These would be fun to have in girly colors, but not worth buying new just for that! So if any of you see a great deal on these items used (thrift store, yard sale and so on) in fun girly colors, please let me know!


Melissa said...

i am thinking about using the bum genius diapers - any experience with those?

Melissa said...

it wont let me look at your diaper registry without a password?

Jessy said...

The password is blahblah.
I have a couple of the bum genius and liked them, they're really easy to use and really absorbent, but a little difficult to wash if you don't have a good washing machine, which we didn't when we used them before. Now we have a better one so we should be fine. Are you guys looking into cloth diapers? You should also check out the Gro Baby diapers, it's by the same company but the liner just lays in the diaper rather than having to stuff it in, so if the baby just pees you can remove the liner and put in a new one without having to get a whole new diaper. Plus they're cuter!

Melissa said...

but they looked to be about $10 more a diaper? that adds up when you are buying 20 of them!! babylegs has a line to match the bum genius so i was thinking that would "spruce" them up =)

Jessy said...

I saw those! They're way cute. We got our Bum Genius from Mother's Haven, and the think they were just under $20 each, but I'm sure they're much cheaper online. If you're looking for cheaper options, it's really easy to make your own prefolds (the kind that you have to use diaper pins with) and then make diaper covers out of felted sweaters. That's what we did with MZ and we will probably do again since I'm sure we won't be able to afford 20+ diapers!