Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, K-lou!

Today my little girl is 9...yikes!  We don't have much planned for today since we have church and all that.  Tomorrow though, is the big party day!  We're planning a big breakfast celebration complete with french toast (it would have been waffles, but sadly we're all out of Grandma's famous mix!), a gift or two, and then we're going to finish the Egypt documentary we've been watching.  Kelsi requested that we finish it lol.  Later in the afternoon we're going to go see Narnia and then the pizza party!  We're going to have a busy day!  

After we got home from getting Kelsi from school, we had a bit of fun in the leaves.  Sadly, it was too cold for us to stay out there too long (Matthias was not dressed for it!) so now we're huddled under some blankets watching Veggie Tales.  Here are some pictures of our fun...just ignore the peanut butter on Little Man's face ;)

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