Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So That I'm Not a Liar

You see, my mom's birthday was last week and we threw a surprise party for her. I was in charge of collecting photos to make a slideshow out of. I got some and decided to throw them up on my Google web albums so that my sister could download and print some of them (we were planning on placing pictures on the tables too). Well, I forgot that people could subscribe to your web albums, so I got the following text from my mom:
"Where did u get those pictures?"
Oops! I called my sister to see what I should say and she didn't answer. So, I came up with the following answer:
" I found a box of old photos. There are a bunch of dad as a kid too so I think I must have them from a high school project or something. I figured I'd scan them before returning them."
She seemed to buy it. Now, in my defense this is true...of course, that's not where all of the pictures came from! Then about 5 min later I remembered that I had named the photo album "birthday pics". Original, I know. At this point I'm thinking I didn't really convince my mom and that she's still suspicious. Then my sister gets back to me and says that it's too bad that her birthday is already past because then I could just tell her that I was going to do a birthday post on my blog for her. I decide to try it anyway. So I send my mom yet another text, this one asking if it would be ok if I posted some of the pictures on my blog. That I wanted to do a special birthday post for her and my dad (who's birthday is today...Happy Birthday!) but that I had wanted it to be a surprise but had forgotten that people could subscribe to my photo albums. It worked! Crisis averted! The only problem is that I had to lie to my mom. So, now I'm making my lie true...that works, right?

Happy birthday Mom and Dad!


J. Stuppy said...

That totally works Jess!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that was a GREAT picture!!
PS-thanks for all the comments as of late! I didn't lose you afterall!! :)

Thelittlebrownhouse.us said...

Works for me! And I guess I don't get suspicious as easily in my old age - cause in the past I would have been all over that!!!
And how exciting that little one is now the size of a sweet potato!! I forgot to ask last night - are you feeling movement yet?

Melissa said...

still can't believe the resemblance of Dad and Alex in that pic....