Saturday, July 16, 2011

He's 5!

Can someone explain to me how this guy

is suddenly 5? I can't quite figure it out.
I've decided to give up on the whole fancy birthday party thing. We started out with so many great plans, all of which failed. Well, there were a couple that I just forgot, but that doesn't count. Matthias wanted Lego cupcakes for his birthday, so we got a nice Lego mold, some white chocolate and some makings for cupcakes. The kids and I made some fun white chocolate Legos and then started making the cupcakes. While it was mixing, I go to get my muffin tin. Lo and behold, I have none. I think it must have been one of the items that didn't survive the Great Purge that happened when we moved. Fortunately, Matthias though that a square cake would be wonderful idea so that's what we went with. It wouldn't come out of the dish. Fail! So we went to Costco and got a cake. I am henceforth purchasing all birthday cakes from Costco. Thankfully, Matthias was quite thrilled with his cake.

Don't be envious of my mad food photography skillz.

I'm not sure who he was sticking his tongue out at...probably Grandpa.

Wondering what happened to his hair? Well...for the second time in his life (you know, all 5 years of it) the attachment to our little clipper thingy broke while I was cutting hair. That's all I will say on the subject.

He's awfully proud of himself!

Lydia's not impressed.

Enjoying a chocolate Lego!

Time for gifts! As you can see, he enjoyed his chocolate cake ;)

Legos! Who would have guessed that he'd get Legos for his birthday?

Helping out big brother!

Kelsi helped too...and trust me, if he hadn't have had help we'd have been there all day!

Look at those beautiful girls of mine!

A Lego book that he's already read 3 times. At least.

Ok, seriously...isn't this the cutest think ever! Matthias loves to cook and often pretends he's Bobby Flay so my grandma made him this chef hat and apron! He wore it until it was time for bed =)

Goofy kids!

More fun stuff! He certainly thinks he's quite cool in this too!

Lydia and Grandpa reading. Lydia got a gift too. So did Kelsi. I didn't. Hmm...

Matthias got a ton of fun stuff for his birthday and was so thrilled with everything! I took 256 pictures, but I figured I probably didn't need to post all of them! I do think, however, that you need to see him in all his costumes/dress up stuff he got =)

First, his chain-mail armor, complete with cape and a new sword and shield:

Next, his chef stuff. This picture just cracks me up!

And finally, his Star Wars outfit. I'm so lame that I don't even know who it's supposed to be. Of course all his knowledge of Star Wars comes from the Lego game, so I don't feel so bad.

And finally, many thanks to my photography assistant who was rather mad about the fact that I wouldn't let her play with all of her brother's stuff.


Melissa said...

Looks like he had the time of his life! Happy birthday from the Cameron's!!!

Taylor said...

Is he wearingi chainmail?! (Is that what that stuff is called?) Happy Birthday!