Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sir Beldin, Wyrmslayer

This is Sir Beldin, Wyrmslayer...  doesn't he look ferocious?   I finally broke Daniel down enough, and we bought ourselves a bird last night =)  We got him while Matthias was visiting with Grandma, so we thought it would be pretty fun to see his reaction.  When we got home, Matthias started playing on his slide (yes, we have a slide in the living room), then he spotted the bird.  Matthias just kind of stayed at the top of the slide, eying Beldin warily.  Finally he asked "what's that?".  So I took him over to say hi.

As I was pointing out the food and water and stuff, I accidentaly bumped the cage, causing Beldin to freak out and flap around wildly (he was a bit jittery from all the excitement of the day).  Matthias freaked out too!  He ran to the couch and wouldn't get off.  Even for dinner lol.  I had to hold his hand and walk him across the living room to the kitchen, explaining to him that the bird was going to stay in his house, and wasn't going to get out.  After dinner, he managed to walk around a bit more, but still wouldn't go withing 6 feet of the cage =)

Today, however, Matthias has been a bit braver.  He's been talking to Beldin all day, making sure he knows what his name is and where his food is =)  Beldin seems to be taking to Matthias though, he actually tweeted at him a couple of times!


Melissa said...

love it!! and the name is too cool. i can totally envision the scene of matthias meeting the bird...

Dad said...

We had a blue budgie once. Fun birds, they can be a lot of fun.. and messy:( So you want kitty?