Saturday, January 9, 2010

Random Stuff

So, I keep thinking I need to update my blog, but I don't have much to go with. Therefore, you just get a bunch of random stuff.

I'm pregnant...oh, wait I already told you that!

I've been getting sick on and off, with no real pattern to it. Lots of fun.

I pulled out my maternity clothes the other day. Not because I need them, nor because I'm anxious to wear them. Over our Christmas vacation, we moved our bedroom into one of the smaller bedrooms and made the master bedroom a game room/library. We have a lot of books and a lot of games. Since I was moving my clothes from one closet to another, I decided to just unpack my maternity clothes and pack up my summer clothes.

Yesterday I ordered some Bella Bands. Well, not real ones, they're actually "BeBella Belly Bands" or something like that. The real ones are about $20 each. I decided that's just too expensive. I was going to make my own, after all, they're basically just a tube, but then I went and checked out Etsy and Ebay to see what they had. I found a seller who was selling 4 of them for $20. I decided to go for that instead. And actually, one of them is a fancy and reversible, so it's like I got 5 =)

Last Sunday we took K-Lou to the baptism class at our church. Looks like she'll be getting baptized soon! We'll let you all know when =)

We got a TON of beef from my aunt. Daniel took pictures of all of it for me to post on our blog, but as you can see, I have not yet done so. But believe me when I say there was a lot of it. And I've never even heard of some of the different cuts! We'll be set for quite some time.

We had a late Christmas party with Daniel's side of the family. I discovered they love garlic as much as we do. I could have put more it in my dip! The kids had load of fun, there were 10 of them total. I think. It would have been easy to miss one or two of them.

Daniel left me all alone today. Something about having to work. Bah.

Anyone want to entertain me today? In case you couldn't tell, I need it!

That's about all the excitement that's happened around here in the last week. Aren't you glad I updated you?


Melissa said...

love the new layout - i was just thinking of switching mine but i never post anyway so what's the point!! :-)
if you are bored, you should check out the sermon series that Marc Driscol is doing at Mars Hill. They are going thought the book of Luke for 3 YEARS!! it's so good.....i keep wanting to sneak away and watch another one. but it might just be me! :-)
and what is a bella band???

Jessy said...

These are Bella Bands:

Anonymous said...

I am always in need of entertainment, too. :) said...

How inconsiderate of your husband to leave you alone to go to work! Oh well, I guess he is supporting his family after all! Sorry you are bored and sick - not fun. I wish they would have had Bella Bands back when I was having babies - they are great!
Keep thinking of those fun baby names!!!

J. Stuppy said...

It sounds like you had plenty to write about - I've been missing your posts - guess you've been a little distracted!