Friday, May 14, 2010

Baby Clothes =)

We've made a couple of thrift store shopping trips in the last couple of weeks, and I (of course) have been buying cute girly stuff! Our favorite thrift store has changed their location, they are now in the new building at our church. This could be an issue because we're likely to go there more often now! Another thrift store near us has closed, we didn't ever shop at this one because any time we went in there we felt like we were going to be eaten. The place was so crowded and disorganized. But we did decide to go there when everything was 90% off! Sadly by the time we got there there was not a lot of good stuff left. So, here's some of the things we've purchased recently:

I was pretty happy about this little thing. Anyone know what they are called? Anyway, wanna guess how much we paid for it? Only $.20! It fits up to 9 months and has a nice little slot to put the carseat buckle in so Little Miss LG can stay nice and cozy this winter! You can't tell from the picture, but it's really cute and looks pretty much brand new.

A couple of little outfits, $.99 each.

Some PJ's, $.99 each. I loved those little gown jammies for newborns. Makes it so much easier to change them in the middle of the night!

Little onesies/tops. Some of these were $.99, some were only $.2o! Ok, so I know the pirate one is probably not really for girls, but's a pirate saying "argh!". She can wear it with a little denim skirt and a bow in her hair. It's all good.

Some little pants, all $.20-.99 each. Hmm...maybe I need to stop buying little pink pants.

Some little dresses, again all $.20-.99 each. Let me just say, I love the little lime green one! Maybe Little Miss LG will have red hair, that dress would look so cute with red hair!

This is what MZ got today. One is Jesus and the other Moses. Can you guess which is which? MZ keeps arguing with me, telling me that Moses is not carrying the 10 commandments, there's only two. They each say "7 inspirational verses", pretty exciting, eh? They were each $.99 =)

And really, you can't put a price on this much fun!


Lani said...

Do you want hand me downs? Little Miss LG will be right behind Elyce when it comes to clothes sizes... and I'm not keeping anything this time! :D

Jessy said...

I would love hand me downs! Are you sure you don't want to hang on to them anymore? ;) said...

It's called a bunting I think. Love all the clothes! And it is even more exciting when you get them so cheap huh! Like the look of the blog too. And of course, MZ is always Da Bomb.

J. Stuppy said...

Wow I can't believe LG is a papaya now - I remember when she was just a cherry or strawberry or grape or some other small fruit. She is gonna be one well-dressed LG (little girl - get it???). Love love love the bargains.....

Taylor said...

LG? Did I miss something?
Yay for good finds!
I have heard it called a pram before. but a pram is also a stroller.

Lani said...

Haha! Very funny. :P

I'll pack them away for you as Lece grows out of them. Of course, that means we'll actually have to get together!! :D

Robyn said...

I *love* the little pirate onesie. And have I ever mentioned that Matthias is just the cutest boy I know?

Anonymous said...