Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Great Crib Saga

Well, folks, we don't plan on using a crib for Little Miss LG. I know, practically unthinkable, right? Let me give you reason number one:

When MZ was a baby, he slept in a bassinet/playpen in our room until I was comfortable enough letting him sleep in his own room. That was at about 6 months. I'm a bit overprotective at times...but, really, his room was all the way down the hall! Up until that point we hadn't gotten a crib so we had to go buy one. Now, I will admit, we certainly didn't buy the highest quality crib available. When we set it up, it broke. Not enough to make it unsafe, just enough to make it so I couldn't lower the side. Then, about a week or two into using it MZ managed to get a leg stuck in between the rails. Maybe it's just me, but I wouldn't think a 6 month old baby's leg should be able to fit in there! So, there he is completely stuck and screaming his head off. I had no idea what to do, so I grabbed one of the rails and pulled it a bit thinking that maybe I could bend it just enough to get his leg out. It snapped in two. Seriously. I am by no means a very strong person either. So, the crib got tossed and MZ used his playpen again. We ended up just keeping him in there until it was time to switch to a toddler bed.

Reason number 2: So far in 2010 there have been approx. 7.3 million cribs recalled. Yes, you read that right. That's not even including Simplicity who has recalled all models of cribs with tubular metal frames. There's not even an estimate for how many of those there are! All 7 million of these cribs were all recalled because babies dying due to malfunctions. It wasn't just "oh, your baby could get injured", it was death. I also recently heard that there is some kind of legal action taking place to ban side dropping cribs. Of course playpens have some recalls as well, but they're always for things like the side collapsing if bumped just right. Which isn't likely to cause serious injury. Am I being a bit paranoid with all this? Yes, most likely. But I guess there are worse things to freak out about ;)

So, it came down to either spending a ton of money buying a crib from a trustworthy company or using a playpen. We voted for a playpen.


Thelittlebrownhouse.us said...

Sounds like a great and reasonable choice! Its not like kids have been in cribs for 2000 years anyway - most of them slept in their parents bed till they moved to one shared with other siblings!

Taylor said...

You can get some really nice pack and plays nowadays. :)