Friday, June 3, 2011

The Rescue of Jimmy

Hello. It's me. It's been a while, right? I've decided that this little blog of mine has been too neglected as of late, I pop on occasionally to post a picture or two and that's it. Well, that all going to change folks. For a while at least ;) So today is all about this little dude:

And this guy:

And this guy:

Confused? Let me explain. We live in an apartment complex. There is a big garbage dumpster in our apartment complex (nicely hidden in a little fenced in area). Matthias loves to help his dad take out the garbage and one day they noticed this guy on the sidewalk...

...and decides to name him Jimmy Needham. Who's Jimmy Needham? He is the guy that sings Matthias' favorite song, "Grace Amazing" and the guy in that picture up there.. After this, every time we walk or drive by the "Caution" sign, we wave and say hi to Jimmy.
Tragically, we noticed yesterday that Jimmy was gone. That's right, folks, Jimmy had been kidnapped by none other than the Dragon Knights, the sworn enemies of the Lion Knights (for more information on this saga, visit We decided to hold out hope that the Lion Knights would rescue him before all was lost.
As we were driving home from church tonight, we found him! Although he must have been slightly confused from his ordeal because he was no longer on our sidewalk, but instead he was in a housing development about a mile away. Fortunately he looked as though he suffered no serious physical harm.

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