Sunday, April 5, 2009

"My Dream House" - by Kelsi

Hello! My house is done! I'd like to show you my house. Come on up the ladder! We are standing on the main bridged, there is a side table with an ipod charger and the blue ipod charging. Now follow me we are going to the into the den. Now there is a tv, a couch, a few chairs, and closet full of games. Opps, I forgot the coffie table that's where we play some games. You figured? Well, you're right! Now, let's got to the playroom! This is for the kids, hi Jonny! He loves the playroom! Now as you notice there is another tv! But, that's for the kids, as you see there is lots of toys in here. Now let's get food! Hee! Hee! Let's go to the kitchen! Hey are you hungry? Your're not? Oke doke! Now hereis the pink refrigerator, and the pink counter. Let's go to the dining room! What!? (Bluue) Are you sick? No? You look like it. Come on! Addmet it! Yes? Don't worry we are almost across! (Snap) Uh oh! Hurry! Run! You're still pucking? (Bluue! Bluue! Bluue! Blech!) Yikes that's my naibor Mrs. Trogstad! Let's hurry before she finds us! Whew! Here is the dinging room. Yah, I know. There is only a table and chairs. Let's move on to the bedrooms. Now the kids rooms are kiddish. I don't want to talk about it, but you can take a peek. Do you like them? I thought so! Well, here is my room. Isn't it lovely? Relly? Cool! Here is the bathroom. Smells bad? (Sniff, sniff) Yuck! I think someone went to the bathroom. Well, let's move to the acttic! You don't want to? Why? Because it will be dusty? Ok, let's go to the backyard! I know there is just playground equipment for the kids but, there is bikes and a grill in the garage! Let's go to the garden! Look! I'm growing tomatos an look how big their getting! All thanks to my compost! Well, the pool is covered in the backyard. Well, that's my house.


Sharyl Williams said...

Wow - that sounds like an incredible house Kelsi!! I think you need to draw a picture of it and post it on here - I need to see it!! You are a very good writer!

Sharyl Williams said...

Kelsi! You are an amazing writer!!! I want you to draw a picture of your house so I can see it! It sounds really interesting!!