Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lots and lots of pictures!

So, after reading Melissa's "Wordless Wednesday" post, I remembered that I had taken a couple of pictures of Matthias a while ago that I had thought would be fun to use for one of those. Then, as I as pulling the pictures off my camera, I realized there were a lot of pictures on there I hadn't done anything with yet! So, here they all are in one post:
First, we have Matthias drinking his green juice...the first thing he asks for in the mornings!

Next, is Jordyn's birthday tea:

A whole lot of pictures from a park visit a few weeks ago...if you click on the arrow really fast it's almost like seeing it in real time ;)

And, finally...more pictures from the park. Matthias riding his new bike, and Kelsi playing her new recorder:


Melissa said...

that's a whole lot of pictures!! i love Matthias' shorts in the last group of pictures, i just got Caden a pair like that. :-)

Sharyl Williams said...

Thanks for sharing all of these! Loved them all - especially the "green goodness"!