Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cooking, Life and Legos

Yesterday was my "cooking day" for all my freezer meals. I was a little smarter this time in my menu planning. Last month, I did a different meal for each day. It was rather chaotic. This time around, I did two of each meal. And actually, I only did enough for two weeks since our budget was a bit tighter due to car repairs. So, I did only 6 different meals for a total of 12. Much easier. I thought it would be fun to take pictures documenting my cooking day, but this is about as far as I got:

Pretty exciting, eh? It was a lot of veggies to chop, and I ended up having to chop up more later on! I did make two different kinds of soup because I had a ton of stock that I made last week from the Thanksgiving turkeys. For some reason I was the only one that wanted to snatch up the turkey carcass. Crazy, I know! It went well with my chicken feet though.

MZ spent the whole time (seriously, the whole time) playing Life. I decided recently that MZ was watching to much TV. This decision was mainly due to the fact the can pretty much reenact the whole movie Up. It's been pretty nice so far! He's kept himself pretty well amused with board games, I think he's enjoying being able to play them without K-Lou bossing him around. It's pretty funny to watch, because many of the games he actually knows how to play (Life is not one of them lol) so he plays against himself.

Today, however, is all about Legos. He can sit for hours playing with the Legos. The funny thing is, he will not touch is Mega Blocks anymore. He's all about the Legos.

And finally, my freezer stocked full of food:

It's a good thing I only did 2 weeks worth of food rather than the whole month! I went ahead and bought freezer containers rather than spending money on plastic bags that will just get throw away...requiring me to buy more! These ones are pretty fancy with their snap on lids and lack of bad plastic chemicals. Yep, they're that cool. I also used glass jars for the soups. Last time I used gallon freezer bags which I didn't take up much room, but finding a place for them to thaw in my fridge without them spilling all over was a pain. So, there you have it! And my menu for the next two weeks:

Turkey Noodle Soup (my own "recipe")
Chicken Enchilada Pie (with homemade sauce and homemade refried beans, yum!)
Garden Chowder (trying a new recipe, looks yummy!)
Spinach & Feta Quiche (without the crust)
Chicken and Rice Casserole (a recipe without any "cream of something", yay!)
Curry Chicken (another new recipe, but it's can't go wrong with curry)

Our grocery shopping total? Just under $100! For two weeks! Well, we'll still need to buy milk and yogurt, but still, I'm pretty happy about it =) Oh, and everything was organic/free range too!


Anonymous said...

Why don't you like recipes with "cream of something?"

Nice work!

Lani said...

Lol! I'm the same way Jessy, if it has "cream of something" in it it's not a real recipe.

And who doesn't want the turkey carcass?? I made the BEST turkey stock with ours this week... and then the BEST Turkey White Chili... Mmmmmmm.

I would love to cook this way... I just don't think I have the time. :( Keep posting- maybe it will inspire me to find the time!

Jessy said...

Taylor - The "cream of something" usually is not gluten free, and in order to get some gluten free it would cost $2-3 a can. Not too cheap. Plus, we've recently decided to try and eat only whole, unprocessed foods. The "cream of something" soups don't work for that =)

Lani - It only took me about 3 hours to do all of it. I'm getting better =)