Friday, December 11, 2009

An Update

We now have fully working plumbing in both the kitchen and the bathroom! Our downstairs bathroom sink had stopped working a while ago, and before it got fixed, the kitchen sink died too! Turns out there is a pipe that is slightly exposed to the outside (a chunk of the wood had fallen out), plus it was leaking right at the same spot! Needless to say, the single digit temperatures did not go over well. It froze and cracked, somehow sending water back up and out of our sink and dishwasher and onto our floor. Now it is all fixed and working better than it ever has! We no longer have a garbage disposal though, which is fine because I didn't use it often anyway. It was apparently installed wrong originally and would cost a bunch to fix so the landlords decided to just take it out. So, there's our update. Oh, and the toilet flushes instantly now rather than having to hold down the handle for five minutes. Now the only thing left to do is three days worth of dishes. Oh fun.

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Anonymous said...

Well, push up your sleeves and wash them dishes! :)