Monday, December 14, 2009

Our Pathetic Tree

See? Told you it was pathetic.

We bought it the first Christmas we were married. It was cheap and it was small enough to fit into our little living room. Now it has to sit on a coffee table to even be noticed in our new dining room that is about the size of our old living room.

Fortunately the kids don't care.

Well, MZ might. Granted, his shirt has a better Christmas tree on it...

See this?

It used to be in this. For the time being it's just extra sparkle. I'm avoiding having to clean it up.

K-Lou was the mastermind behind the tree's final look.

And she's quite proud of herself.

MZ managed to get in on some of the action as well.

We tried to get some cute, happy pictures of the kids in front of the tree. This was the best we managed though. Fortunately it makes me laugh.

And as I've been looking through pictures to use in my digital scrapbooking stuff, I've noticed that Daniel and I seem to be nonexistent. So, to prove that we were actually there and participated in the tree decorating I give you these:

Daniel's shoulder.

My Arm.


Anonymous said...

Your tree is very cute! It is very nicely decorated and looks good to me. And you are right, the kids truly don't care! They are probably just thrilled no matter what.

It was so nice to see Daniel's shoulder and your arm!
In 20 years, when K-lou looks at these photos, she'll say,
"Look at how pretty and young mom's arm is . . . "
Ha! :) Just kidding! :)

Melissa said...

put Kelsi in charge of photography next time, i bet she will snap some good ones!! :-) i've done that with the kids a lot - it's cute to see things from their level.
love the tree and it's not what Christmas is about anyway, right? :-)

Lani said...

I think it's a pretty tree! said...

Its a great tree! Especially since you let the kids help!
Thank you so much for including shots of you and Daniel - they pretty much made the post...

J. Stuppy said...

Truly it isn't any more pathetic than ours - but it is true that kids don't care & besides, lights can hide a multitude of boo-boos. We can't all have beautifully decorated trees like the little brown house!