Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cooking With K-Lou

Welcome to the first episode of Cooking With K-Lou! On today's episode, K-Lou will show us how to make a tantalizing tomato soup complete with fried egg, bacon and corn husks! Then the tension mounts as her sous chef, MZ causes problems by sitting on the toaster, pouring boiling water on K-Lou, and even trying to steal some of the food! Will he get fired? Stay tuned and find out!


(Please excuse the treadmill in the background...and the crumbs on the table...and the groceries on the counter...and the toys all over the floor...)


Melissa said...

very cute! Caden enjoyed watching this!

Kathy Spencer said...

Food network here they come! said...

My review:
The chef looked stunning in her glasses, and I love that she keeps her food in a bin under the table.

The waterboy is a definite asset - especially when it comes to deadly kitchen accidents.

The show, however, was pretty much stolen by the cow.....

(and the lime on the side bar!!! I can't believe he/she is that big!)

導暑紀時 said...
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