Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Look! It's the Baby!

Yep, I can already tell that's one good- ookin' kid! I had my first doctor's appt today...I always hate the first one! Since I am already 12 weeks along, the doctor thought it might be possible to hear the heartbeat so we gave it a shot. Sadly, we couldn't. Then the doc suggested an ultrasound! Which at first I was totally excited about, but then I started getting worried that he wanted to do an ultrasound because he couldn't get the heartbeat. On the one hand he said that the heartbeat can't always be heard at 12 weeks, and they always want to do an ultrasound in the first trimester...but, nonetheless, I spent the next 20 min worrying. As it turned out, everything was great! We got to see the baby flopping around and dancing, and we even got to see the heart beating! The photo above is a nice profile shot (just in case you couldn't tell), it's so amazing that at only 12 weeks it's little facial features are so defined! Speaking of facial features, the next two pictures:
From Baby

These ones are a bit smaller (just how they were scanned, you can click the link to see them bigger if you want), but the first one is a face shot. You can see the baby's eyes and nose! Really, it make the baby look like and alien, but it's cool. The second is another shot from the front where you can see the baby's big belly and short little legs =) Sadly we still have to wait another 8 weeks to find out if it's a boy or a girl!


Kathy Spencer said...

Yep...that's one good looking kid!

Melissa said...

congrats!! that first picture is amazing!

Thelittlebrownhouse.us said...

I am so smiling like crazy right now!! I can't believe they can get such good pictures at 12 weeks!! They are amazing and beautiful!
When You told me you were getting an ultrasound I assumed it would be at the Open Arms place. I didn't realize you had your OB appointment!
I am so looking forward to Mr. Matthias's first sleepover with me Friday night!

Ok - every sentence ends with an exclamation point - but I am just really excited!!!!!!

J. Stuppy said...

It just never gets old looking at the miracle of conception and birth - I'd say that is quite a beautiful site!

Alisa said...

Precious!!!! I'm so excited for you guys!