Friday, February 26, 2010

Just a Few Things

First, MZ's new hat:

He thinks he's pretty cool stuff.

What a goof!

Then, we have K-Lou's New Birthday cake that we made today. MZ was pretty excited about the sprinkles. So I let him put some between the layers.

It's serious work.

Then, he got to go crazy after the cake was frosted.

And the finished product!

Yep, next thing you know we're going to have our own cake decorating show on the Food Network.

Well, MZ had fun at least! And I know K-Lou will be excited too!


J. Stuppy said...

That kid is just too darn cute! And tell Kelsi congrats about her big decision - a very grown up step to take! said...

Love the cake! Tell chef MZ great job! See you guys tonight

Kathy Spencer said...

Love the hat and the cake looks yummy!

Anonymous said...
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