Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Symptoms of Anemia during pregnancy:

* Fatigue - Check!
* Weakness - Check!
* Dizziness - Check!
* Headache - Check!
* Numbness or coldness in your hands and feet - Check!
* Low body temperature - nope, it's too hot for that!
* Pale skin - Check! (although I always have pale skin...)
* Rapid or irregular heartbeat - nope
* Shortness of breath - Check!
* Chest pain - nope
* Irritability - Double Check!
* Not doing well at work or in school - uh...

Hmm, 8 out of 12. I get to go in tomorrow and get some more tests done to make sure there's nothing other than plain old iron deficiency causing the anemia. Maybe I can see if they'll take blood from my other arm this time so that I have matching bruises ;)

2 comments: said...

I tried to comment on this last night and it wouldn't let me! I always have had Doctors think there must be more to it than simple anemia, but that is always what it is. I started a couple years ago eating cereal every morning with 50 to 100% daily recomended iron, and have not had problems with the anemia anymore. Lydia Grace is just taking all the nurtrients right now!

Anonymous said...

If you are irritable, you hide it awfully well!