Thursday, August 5, 2010

Moses and the Technicolor Tablets

As you may recall, MZ wanted a Moses cake for his birthday. So a Moses cake he got. We decided to make the 10 Commandments, so the night before his party we went to Micheal's and got some black food coloring to use to make the frosting grey. The next day all went well, the cakes were baked and cooled, I managed to trim the ends to make them rounded, then I sat down to frost them. I added just a tad bit of food coloring to the frosting and it turned a nice shade of grey. I then proceeded to frost the cake, which was much more difficult than normal considering I had trimmed off the edges of one end. Crumbs everywhere! But, I managed to finish the job and the cakes actually resembled two stone tablets. I packed them up as best as I could and left to go get Daniel from work. I had the cakes on the passenger seat next to me (so I could keep them from crashing all over the car) and I began to notice they seemed to have a slight green tinge to them. I figured it was just the sunlight. By the time we were carrying the cakes into my parent's house, they looked distinctly green. It wasn't the sun. Somehow, my nice "professional" food dye made the cakes look like this:

The sprinkles we got were actually silver and originally matched the frosting quite well. Not so much anymore! Fortunately MZ didn't seem to care.

Well, maybe. Regardless, he took his job of blowing out the candles very seriously. All two of them. That's what happens when his pregnant mom is in charge of bringing things. Whatever, he's lucky I remembered to bring the cakes ;)

On a side note, I noticed that the frosting that wasn't exposed to the air was still grey. Hmm...
Anyway, MZ opened up his gifts,

Great shot, no?

Playmobile fire truck, score!

This requires a post of it's own...

Yum! Mom, doesn't get him cool food like this ;)

A hat that was a bit to small and has since been replaced! He wears his new hat every time we leave the house and tells me that Grandma Sharyl got it for him from Fred Meyer. Yes, my child managed to decipher that from the tags. I'd brag and say it's because he knows how to read, but really it's because we go there frequently.

Some new clothes...Grandpa looks like he's up to something!

And finally, some new sunglasses!

One more picture:

This is probably one of the last pictures of just the four of them, next time they all see each other there will be two new little ones in the picture!


Melissa said...

Love the picture at the end!! Strange to see the fence, though. said...

Great pictures! I can't believe he was able to place the tag on the hat! He is really a detail kind of fellow - I believe he gets that from both sides of the family! I can't believe it is only 25 days to Miss Lydia!

Anonymous said...

What a cute bunch of kids! I did an awesome foam paint elephant project with my preschoolers last year that turned green and purple the next day. And then it wasn't awesome.