Monday, December 13, 2010

Thank You Taxpayers

We are now officially a burden to society. We went in today to apply for WIC to see if they'd help us out with Lydia's formula. You know, the $25/can stuff? Well, not only did they give us checks for 7 cans for the month, but apparently Matthias and I qualify as well. So in addition to the formula, we also got checks for milk, cheese, cereal, beans, peanut butter, bread, eggs and fresh produce. Crazy, eh? The funny thing is we qualified with Daniel's current full time income. I feel kind of bad, like we're taking advantage of the system or something, but we don't plan on being on WIC long term. Well, the food part at least...the free formula we'll take advantage of as long as they'll let us ;)
Shopping was quite an experience. We went to Walmart because the have 16 oz cans of formula whereas most other stores have only 12 oz cans. Since the checks (oddly) didn't specify a can size, we decided to go for the biggest one! The total was $181! That is going to be such a huge help for our budget. Sadly since Lydia is a little piggy, we'll probably have to buy one or two each month on our own, but I think we can handle that. Everything else was quite a pain because they are so specific on brand, type, flavor, size, you name it! But, well, it's free right?

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Yay!!! You are exactly the ones the programs are meant for - and I am so glad you get to take advantage of them!!! So happy about the formula!!! And little Miss Piggy!!!