Sunday, June 21, 2009

Does it Ever End?

So on top of all the recent sicknesses and dog surgery, Matthias decided to fall of the deck and twist his ankle yesterday. He seemed ok at the time, but a couple of hours later it seemed to be bothering him a bit. By the time he went to bed it was all swollen, bruised and hot to the touch. Daniel called the Doc and was told that it didn't sound like it was broken, but to keep it elevated, wrapped, and on ice. If he wasn't walking around on it by morning to take him in. You can imagine how well Matthias liked that plan. Fortunately he had his sister there to play with him! This morning it seems to have gotten better, he's been walking around on it, but not quite up to normal yet. So, we're all hoping it heals up well and doesn't need any treatment....I don't think a 2 year old would do too well in a cast or something durring the summer!


Melissa said...

poor little guy!!! hope he feels better soon.

Sharyl Williams said...

Poor baby! I am sure he must be frustrated with it! I noticed yesterday that it was red, but I thought he just scraped it when he fell. I hope little Max the duck cheers him up! Give him love from Grandma Sharyl