Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So, I keep thinking I should post something...but I don't. Why? Because I don't have my camera. I feel so lost without it. Daniel lent it out to one of his work buddies over the weekend, and although it has been returned it has not made it home. Since I have no pictures of my own to post, I decided to find replacements:

Here is a picture of Buddy with his cone of shame. He had to go in to the vet on Monday to get a lump removed from his eye, so now he gets to wear this cone for two weeks. Poor Buddy! I feel bad for him, he's finding it a bit hard to navigate.

Here are the kids playing Candyland that we found at the thrift store for only $.99. We also picked up a few other games, figuring that since Matthias is going to be 3, he can start playing all these fun games. The plan was to hold on to them until his birthday, but that didn't last long. Oh, well...he doesn't know the difference.

Matthias has recovered nicely from is pinkeye (fortunately for you, I decided against finding a picture of that!), and thankfully no one else got it! So, that's about all of the excitement going on around here. Hopefully next time I'll have some real pictures of the kids =)

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