Saturday, June 6, 2009

Matthias and Buddy

Five ways Matthias and Buddy are alike:
1. They both like lots of attention
2. They both want to be within 4 feet of me at all times
3. They both think that if I'm in the kitchen it must be because I want to get them food.
4. They both require waste disposal service
5. They both like to stand on the couch, looking out the window at cars

It's been a couple of days now, and Buddy seems to have settled in great. He really likes the kids, especially Matthias. The two of them follow each other around all day, Buddy even jumped up on Matthias' bed and settled in when I was putting Matthias down for a nap! Sadly, I had to make him leave otherwise Matthias would never have gone to sleep =) Speaking of sleep, Buddy has now had two nights with us, and last night (after following us into our room and jumping on the bed) he settled right down on the floor by the foot of the bed and went to sleep. I made him a nice little spot with some blankets for him to lay on, but he shunned it. Maybe he doesn't like Strawberry Shortcake ;) So, we think Buddy is a keeper, and he seems to like it here too! He's even survived being here alone while we went to church. He was standing on the couch looking out the window waiting for us when we got home =)

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