Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Reading

A week or two ago I ordered a poetry book for Matthias' home school preschool that we will be starting soon. He loves it! He would sit there and listen to me read it to him all day if I was willing. He's also very proud of himself because he knows that b-i-g spells big. It's quite exciting for him to figure out that all those letter sounds can be put together to make words! Although, he is highly confused by the word book. Sadly, phonics will have to come later =) Since he's started to figure this whole reading thing out, he takes his letter magnets and puts them together trying to make words. It doesn't work to well when the words he tries to build don't have vowels!

Kelsi has her second book club gathering tomorrow at the library. They were supposed to read Marley: A Dog Like No Other this week. She of course finished within a day. The next book they will be reading is called The Mysterious Benedict Society. Since I had never heard of the book, I decided to read a bit of it first to make sure it was ok. I got hooked! It was a very well written book with a fun plot line. It's about these kids (all orphans) who go through a series of tests and riddles to eventually get recruited into a secret group to go undercover to a school where the headmaster is trying to take over the world using subliminal messages broadcast over TV and radio. Sounds fun, eh? It will be fun when Kelsi finishes it and we can talk about it together =)

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Sharyl Williams said...

I went on Amazon and ordered the Benedict Society book - it sounded good! So I will be able to talk about it with her too! I did not, however, order the Big Book of Poetry - guess I will just have to read Matthias's copy!