Monday, September 27, 2010

Not Me Monday

  • I did not drag my husband to the store with me to buy a hair stuff because I'm sick of my hair.
  • I did not then proceed to go overboard buying baby clothes for a certain little nephew who will be soon arriving.
  • I am not seriously considering stuffing myself into my parent's luggage next week...or hijacking a plane.
  • I did not walk into my kitchen to clean up, take one look and turn around to go back to my laptop.
  • I did not then justify it by telling myself that I needed to get planning MZ's preschool stuff because we're getting a late start.
  • I did not then get distracted by free Kindle books.
  • I did not then justify it by telling myself my husbad would be happy to get free books on theology.
  • I did not go into the kitchen to make lunch, then looked at the mess, looked at the lack of food in the fridge, turn around and go back to my laptop with a handful of Skittles.
  • I am not spending too much time on my laptop today.
Lest any of you are confused, those were all lies.


Melissa said...

Cute new header!! Too bad you couldn't sneak on the plane....but rumor has it that you may be here next year?! said...

Sounds like a day in the life of a stay at home Mom... or not..