Friday, September 17, 2010

This and That

  • This is my first full day at home with all three kids
  • I wonder how many times I've had to say one or all of the following: no climbing, jumping, grabbing, or wrestling with eachother. Don't hug and/or kiss your sister while she's sleeping. No running. No yelling or screaming.
  • I cleaned the kitchen and the refrigerator today. This is the most physical activity I've done in weeks. I will probably regret it later.
  • Little Miss has only woken up 1 time the last couple of nights. Yay!
  • I have a desert/fundraiser to go to tonight, and I probably shouldn't wear jeans. Unfortunately, my skirts and such are a bit tighter than I'd prefer. My options are 1. Deal with it and use my Moby Wrap in hopes that it will cover any unsightly bulges. Or 2. Wear jeans with the excuse that I had a baby less than 3 weeks ago and they are lucky I'm not wearing pj's.
  • Maybe I should just wear my pj's...
  • K-lou has survived the first 2 weeks of her new school. There are a grand total of 5 girls in her class which consists of 4th, 5th and 6th grade.
  • MZ is spending the night at Grandma's house tonight and has been spending the week planning what to bring. Oddly clothing has never crossed his mind.
  • So far our bill for Little Miss is over 5.5k...and we haven't even gotten the bill from the hospital yet. Thankfully we have good insurance!
  • It's about lunchtime and I have some hungry kiddos!


Melissa said...

so Kelsi has Fridays off? that is great!! more family time =) hospital bills are the worst...just got a few from Tracy's surgery - yikes! said...

You crack me up! And I have a feeling Little Miss is not the instigator of the running and yelling! I don't remember what you were wearing, so I hope you solved your dilemma easily. And Little Man and I are having a great time and of course I am not letting him play vintage Sega video games....