Friday, July 17, 2009

Birthday Fun

Our trip to Cat Tails:

Could not get these two to stand still long enough for a picture.


Kelsi riding side-saddle

See that? That's Daniel's arm. Proof that he was outdoors!

Of course Matthias had to get eaten too.

Look, a sleeping cat.

Awww, he's so cute!

The white tiger, the only cat there who liked attention!

Matthias thought the tiger was pretty cool!

Sleeping tigers.

Matthias thought this rooster was one of the best parts!

Another sleeping cat...

He woke up!

This guy looks comfortable.

Tiger taking a bath!

Some other kind of cat, I didn't really pay attention to the tour guide =)

Kelsi did!

Back to the tiger.

Who apparently thought we smelled.

Another random cat =)

Kelsi listening very intently.

This guy is cute!

Big lion! I tried to get some good shots of him, but the camera lens refused to focus on anything but the fence. Oh well =)


Kelsi thought the lion was "beautiful"

I thought he needed his mane washed

Sleeping tiger.

Another sleeping tiger...

Kelsi complaining that all the animals were sleeping.

Daniel being patriotic with the camera.

Matthias returning from his first port-a-potty experience.

Matthias thought these were almost as good as the rooster!

Trying to get a picture of the kids holding their new toy tigers in front of the real tiger!

Oops, Matthias looked away.


No, Matthias! Go back!

Oh, look, the tiger is coming over!

Hi, tiger. Do you like my new tiger?

Still attempting to get that picture...

and this is about where I gave up!

So, that was pretty much our trip to Cat Tails! The kids had lots of fun, even though most of the cats were either sleeping or hiding =) Oh, and Matthias named his tiger "Will". We're still trying to figure out where that came from!


Sharyl Williams said...

Looks like a good time was had by all! I do think there wasn't enough fence between grandkids and tigers though!

Melissa said...

last time i was there was with you an kelsi when she was a baby!! and there was no caden! :-) looks like a fun way to spend a birthday!! and that's a lot of exclamation points...