Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Years ago I used to hear people talk about how God was speaking to them. They heard Him say this, or He spoke to them through that. I though there was something wrong with me, as I had never experienced this. I had never "heard" God speak to me so clearly. It wasn't until one of my BBC classes, that I finally understood that God speaks to everyone differently. For me, He speaks to me through reading and occasionally conversations, and if the same thing is brought up more than once from completely unrelated sources...I'd better listen up. The point? Well, a week or two ago Daniel started telling me about a book he saw in the café at church called Crazy Love. I thought it sounded like an interesting book, especially since it didn't seem to be "fluffy". I don't like fluffy books. Conversation ended, life moved on. Then a couple of days later I was reading one of the many blogs I follow, and guess what the post was about? Yep, Crazy Love. Even better, it included a link to a free audiobook download! So I downloaded it, sent the link to Daniel and had every intention of listening to the whole thing. I think we made it through 3 chapters on our trip to Cat Tails and then it was forgotten about. Then last night I find out that the next sermon series it titled "Crazy Love" which just so happens to be covering the same concepts as the book. Coincidence? I think not! And now, I am happy to report that I am currently re-downloading the audiobook to listen to (other computer is temporarily out of service)...even better, this time I'm going to listen to the whole thing! It is still being offered as a free download until the end of the month here....just in case you're interested =)

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Robyn said...

Those kids crack me up. I officially follow your blog now! I'll set it as my homepage. ;)