Friday, July 24, 2009

Matthias and Zach

Matthias' new friend Zach arrived today.

They had lots of fun with the stroller we borrowed from Kelsi (shh, don't tell!)

Goofy grins

You can go even faster in the kitchen!

I don't think Buddy was impressed.

Nope, not so much.

Now it's time to go eat some popcorn.

Isn't he the cutest boy ever?

Gotta fix the hat.

I don't even know what's going on here!

Back to running!

Yes, our son plays with dolls! His dad played with Cabbage Patch Kids when he was a kid (sorry if you wanted that a secret!) and turned out to be a wonderful husband and I think Matthias will be ok =)


Betty said...

Hey - nice looking couch!
good looking kid too!

Taylor said...

I thought Buddy was another doll, not your dog? Jessy, you confuse me so! :) Cute stuff!

Lani said...

Vance plays with dolls too.... It's totally fine! :p

Jessy said...

Taylor, Buddy is a dog and a doll! Matthias got a doll for Christmas who's name is Buddy (who seems to be good friends with Zach already), and then we adopted a dog a while ago who's name is Buddy. =)

Sharyl Williams said...

He may be playing with a doll but he is wearing a super hero shirt so they cancel each other out!