Thursday, July 30, 2009

Warning: LOTS of pictures

Today the kids and I...and Buddy...went for a walk. We headed over to Bryan Field to have some fun. The kiddos played on the swings for a while, but there wasn't much else to do. So, we headed over to Bryan Elementary just down the street. That was more fun =)

The kids got to run ahead, Matthias made sure to bring Zach (although he spent most of the time in the stroller).

Matthias thought the swings were fun!

Although he spent most of the time watching Kelsi...

...and who can blame him? She is pretty cool...

...but she seems to be spending all her time watching Buddy.

Buddy spent his time rolling around in the grass.

I don't think he liked having his picture taken.

See? Look at the look he's giving me!

"Oh, Buddy, you're so funny!"

Kelsi really likes getting her picture taken...

...but I don't know why she thought this was a good pose!

Matthias thought Kelsi had a good idea...however he found a better spot to put his head!

Off to the school!

Run from the big, freaky bear!

Kelsi said the glider was not as good as the one at Borah, neither was the water fountain because "it starts out warm and then gets colder". Uh, ok.

Aren't they the cutest kids?

Come on, look at those faces! Ok, I guess you're allowed to think your own kids are cuter.

Matthias was clearing trying to communicate something important. I think this was about the point where I was telling him to look at Mom and smile. He was telling me "No, I don't need to!" Yep, cute kids.

Aren't you glad I took pictures of Matthias the entire way down the slide. Ok, not the entire way, but most of it!

Speaking of progressions...



Yes, Kelsi I saw...even better, I took a picture!

I think next time people ask me what I do all day as a stay-at-home mom, I'll direct them to my blog.

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Anonymous said...

Hands down the cutest kids ever!