Saturday, August 1, 2009

David, David, David

I decided to make my first guest post a little soapbox moment about what I've been thinking about lately. I hope you enjoy! If you don't, please don't ignore the poor children on my account.

Those of you that go to RLM know we just finished up the Life of David series called Chosen. which I guess is most of you... :) Entertainly enough about halfway through Kelsi got engrossed in her Bible reading 1 and 2 Samuel - again, the life of David. She stopped just short of the end, so we picked up 2 Samuel during our before bedtime Bible reading. And, struck with the "coincidence" of so much David I figured I'd start reading 1 Samuel during my morning "quiet time" on the bus. So yeah, a whole lot of David!

Anyway, poing being, I'm struck by the culture of Israel in those days. There was so much national pride. When the king or the people fell into sin and God stepped in, godly men were agonized that their people had fallen so far - and the consquences so steep.

I don't feel that way. I look at where our country is and I'm angry. I'm sick of bail-outs, I'm sick of health care reform. I'm tired of watching our government stray further from God's ways. I want to yell and complain.

But lately, I've been reading about David. I've been reminded of the prophets. When was the last time I've wept for my fellow Americans? The victims of the system. Or even the people who are responsible? People who make bad decisions, and chase stuff rather than the God that made them. I don't weep for my neighbor... and I should. After all, I bet our loving God does.

Anyway, that's what I have on my mind today. Thanks for reading. :)


Sharyl Williams said...

I love the way God's word is useful at any time in any culture. We can learn so much from reading about Davids life and his relationship with God and others.

Robyn said...

You're kind of a smart guy, ya know?