Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Dilemma

Back when we had that week of cold/rainy weather, I got the strange ambition to get started on Christmas gifts. Although it also may have just been an excuse to buy new yarn. I am oddly obsessed with buying yarn. Anyway, I got started on an item and got about half way through and realized that it was kinda small. So I tried it on and it was too small on me. So I assume it's probably to small for the intended recipient. So, the question is do I take apart 3-4 hours worth of work and remake it bigger? Or do I finish it and hope I can find someone else to give it to?

Speaking of Christmas gifts, I am currently taking requests =)


Melissa said...

would it take that long to undo it? because you do have a bit of time left before christmas - and there will be more rainy days to come!! :-) if you redo it and finish it up than you have an excuse to buy more yarn! or you could finish it and offer it as a prize on your blog - and then buy more yarn!!

Sharyl Williams said...

I agree with the prize on the blog post! Or you could save it for the next reunion auction:)

Taylor said...

I can barely sew on my kid's Awanas patches, so I am just simply in awe of you! I LOVE the prize idea! What a great way to get some of your work noticed! You could start a little blog store . . . :)

Jessy said...

I don't know who it would fit, so I will probably just end up doing it over.
Taylor, I have a little blog store already...just not here ;)