Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pasta Fun

To continue in my crazy cooking adventures, I decided to make pasta. Yep, pasta. Why you may ask? Because I can eat it that way. I recently learned that if wheat is soaked 12-24 hours before cooking, then it's easier to digest. So people who have a gluten allergy/intolerance (like me) can actually eat it without getting sick! Yay! So far I've made bread and tortillas, so I decided to try pasta. It's really not that hard, and it was kinda like playing with play-dough. Bonus! Of course, I had my faithful sous chef, Matthias, to help me.

He thought it was a lot like playing with play-dough too!

See that chin? He decided he'd try the flour. He didn't like it much.

This was about the time when he was mesmerized by the flash.

Still mesmerized...

Back to work.

Can you guess which one Matthias made? I totally need a pasta attachment for my KitchenAid. Or maybe just one of those play-dough things that you squeeze the dough through into spaghetti "noodles".

I was going to take pictures of the finished product, but Daniel says it looks like someone threw up. Tastes great, but looks freaky. The pasta grew a bit during cooking, but it's the sauce that really did the damage. I decided to make a cheese sauce to go with it. And when you make a cheese sauce using whole wheat flour for thickening, it really doesn't look very nice. In fact it looks like someone threw up. Tasty throw up though.


Kathy Spencer said...

You posted pics. of chicken feet but not the pasta sauce???

Sharyl Williams said...

I love Matthias's mesmerized look! I used to make pasta too - but I am not patient enough to let it dry all the way through, so it was always kind of gooey.

Lani said...

I adore home made pasta! You do have to learn to slice and roll it thinly because it expands. but oh so yummy!;