Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Thrifty" Plans

After my last post, Lani directed me to the USDA's cost of food chart. This was kinda fun =) This is basically a chart that shows the average amount people spend on food based on income (thrifty, low-cost, moderate and liberal). So according to this chart, our family would be spending the following amounts per week..."thrifty" of course:

Daniel: $40.00
Jessy: $35.50
Kelsi: $33.90
Matthias: $22.10

Total: $131.50/ week or $526/month

How much do we really spend? Well, not that much! Our grocery budget is $75/week or $300/month. That is a $56.50/week or $226/month difference. And we want to keep lowering it! Maybe they need to make a "poverty" plan next time.

That was way too much math for this time of night.


Sharyl Williams said...

Have you tried the "Poor White Trash" plan? It's very thrifty and quite common in this area.

Lani said...

haha! They could call it the PWT plan. :D

Isn't it funny what they think you need to spend?? For our family the "thrifty" plan is $720 per month!!!!! I couldn't spend that if I tried.. unless we ate filet mignon every night...

We spend $100 per week for our family of 6 or $400 per month. And we eat good, healthy meals. And none of us are starving. OH, and that also includes household items such as toilet paper, cleaning products, personal hygiene items etc.

... it's funny to think that we would actually eat better on food stamps..... lol!

Robyn said...

I don't like that chart....