Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ten Things Thursday

Ten reasons why I have no motivation to do anything today but play around online:

1. I had to clean up poop by 9 am
2. We're going to the park to play today
3. Daniel has the day off tomorrow
4. We're having lunch with family tomorrow
5. We're going to our family reunion this weekend
6. Everyone else has cute little widgets on their blog...therefore I need one
7. The kids are siting so nice and quiet in front of the TV
8. Lord of the Beans teaches them good values...right?
9. The sun woke me up too early today
10. I'm going to be cleaning up poop at least twice more today

Basically, I've already shut down for the week.


Melissa said...

blog is lookin' good!!! it can be addicting, huh? that is why I was up past midnight last night :-)

Sharyl Williams said...

It looks great! I say time well spent!