Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Big Red Dog

We went thrift store shopping. We're addicted. But we had a good excuse...really! We volunteered our house for Thanksgiving dinner this year, which is great because that's one of the things we liked about our house when we moved in...we'd have room to have people over =) Then I realized later, we don't have enough dishes. Or cups. Or really anything! So we decided that we could probably just scout out thrift stores and buy plates and such for about the same (maybe slightly more) than buying paper plates and such that would hold to to all that gravy. Mmmm...gravy. The plus would be that we could use them over and over. So, see, we had a reason! Sadly we didn't find any dishes, but we did find a cool glass/crystal (not sure, probably glass) punch bowl with 11 matching cups for only $2.75! It just so happens that we'll have 11 adults for dinner! Assuming I counted correctly. We also gave in and splurged to get Matthias this:

Complete with tail.

Kelsi had decided that she wants to be a cheerleader, so she found some pom-poms:

Please excuse the mess in the background, we're rearranging the house and things just get thrown over by the garbage can for some reason ;)

I guess I really didn't get the pom-poms in the picture, but look at that face! Bet you didn't even notice =) If anyone happens to see a cheerleader outfit at a thrift store that would fit a 10 year old, let me know!


Anonymous said...

I know you want to find actual plates, but if you don't, my parents always buy paper plates. My mom usually gets festive looking ones so the table still looks nice, and there has never been an issue with food soaking through. (They don't buy the super cheap flimsy ones). Anyways, if you can't find any, paper might still be an okay option . . . plus, clean up is easier!
Cute Clifford costume! What a find!

Melissa said...

I am pretty sure we have a cheerleading costume - Jordyn is checking as I type!! And she is going as a cheerleader, too! Caden will be a football player - what a group!

Sharyl Williams said...

Ok - I guess I will have to dredge up my old cheerleading outfit so I fit in with the rest of the family
Absolutely love Matthias red dog costume!

J. Stuppy said...

Love the costume.....(no exclaimation point but I know you can HEAR my enthusiasm).